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Rewarding Your Horse

How do you reward your horse? Better yet, I probably should ask when you do reward your horse…do you really mean it with all your heart and sole. This might sound a bit strange to everyone but a horse can truly feel how meaningful a person’s reward is.

A quick slap on the neck is not very meaningful plus doesn’t feel all that good to a horse. A quick carrot or a piece of peppermint candy is not very meaningful either. I am talking about taking the time to reward a horse from your heart.

I always hate when someone says “Thank You” to me when I feel they don’t really mean it.

So please the next time you reward your horse…take the time to do it with total and sincere meaning…you might be surprised with a positive change in your horse. He can feel whether it is real or not. You might actually enjoy the feeling between you and your horse too!

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